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About Kilombo


Kilombo fosters an academically excellent and culturally relevant education that produces students who are equipped to succeed globally and are committed to social justice

To Be An Afrikan Teacher Sponsored by Jegna Collectice And the Sankofa Center of ITC

“The Culturally Relevant Classroom: A focus on Children of African Descent”



Kilombo’s educators and scholars engage in the business of teaching and learning. Our scholars analyze literature, explore science and mathematics concepts, and evaluate our people’s historical resistance to oppression and our constant quest for freedom. Through research, oral discussion, and written analysis our scholars discover the contributions of a variety of different cultures while being securely rooted in their own. Our children bring joy and hope into the hearts of our community as they celebrate our culture through music, dance and spoken word.


Early Learning | K-1st grades

Middle Learning | 2nd-4th grades

Middle Learning | 5th-8th grades