Meet Hadiyah and Nina Ahmed-Sanders. These lovely young ladies were introduced to Kilombo through her older brother, Thakir. Thakir started Kilombo in 2015 for middle school and fell in love. Hadiyah had a very rough 3rd grade year at an Atlanta Charter School. She cried almost everyday before going to school. Her mother knew she had to get her into a new school for 4th grade. When Nina would come to Kilombo (to pick her brother up from school) she could feel the love. Nina  made well known to the kindergarten teacher she would be in her class the following year. We were able to get Hadiyah and Nina into Kilombo on a partial scholarship. These girls began reading well beyond grade level, performing, reciting poetry, dancing, presenting, doing projects, and making Kilombo their home. Their brother, Thakir, graduated from Kilombo in 2018 mastering all academic areas. Hadiyah came home smiling most days and actually said the words “I love this school”. We made a way for these young ladies! Help us to support Nina’s dream to attend Kilombo and donate to her Adopt A Scholar scholarship today!