Akio Fears

Akio (also known as Kio) is a 8 year old warrior full of black boy joy. Since birth, he has been heavily exposed to community building work and as a result he has a passion for loving and serving his people. 4 years ago, Kio was unexpectedly diagnosed with a brain tumor which changed everything. Kio had to have brain surgery, but because of his resilience and courage Kio was able to learn how to walk and talk again. In order to keep Akio in a safe and loving environment, his Mother decided Kio should be surrounded by community 24/7…especially while he is in school. Kio and his brother Jae became apart of the Kilombo family.

In the 2018 school year, Kio had additional brain surgery. His mother was by his side night and day. His mother, Marley, is a hair stylist. Each day she was in the hospital, she was unable to generate income. The financial hardship on the family affected their ability to pay for anything, let alone tuition. Kilombo waived a month and The Davis Bozeman Law Firm paid for tuition for two months. We were able to make it through the year. The doctors were able to remove 90% of Akio’s brain tumor. He is back at Kilombo and he is thriving.  We want to make sure Akio is able to continue to go to the school he loves.
Please consider giving a monthly donation of any kind to ensure Kio can receive the excellent education he deserves while being surrounded by love and community.