We, the Education Council of the Kilombo Academic and Cultural Institute, assert that education is a  spiritual and communal task. We understand education is a life long process that occurs in many ways and extends beyond the walls of any one educational institution.

We recognize ourselves as part of a global African community and commit to serve the interests of African people wherever we are in the world.

We will educate children and adults using an African centered methodology. It will provide an education under girded with, permeated and guided by, our rich African heritage. We will be intentional about providing and developing Imani, a faith-based, moral, spiritual and ethical climate that cultivates a decision making process grounded in African values.

We will model the tools of the ethical and moral life using principles of Maat: (truth, justice, righteousness, order, reciprocity, harmony and balance) We will provide students with the spiritual,intellectual, physical and emotional skills and discipline needed to make a positive impact on the world community.

We will nurture the Kujichagulia-the self-defining, self- determining essence and talents of each student-through Kuumba (Creativity), while maintaining a commitment to Umoja (Unity), Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility), and Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics and Familihood).

We, the Education Council of the Kilombo Academic and Cultural Institute, shall work in concert with other freedom loving organizations to eliminate all of the forces designed to dehumanize and subjugate African peoples. Using scholarly research, writing and teaching we will elevate, liberate and evoke the best in Africans wherever we are in the world.