Kilombo uses the Common Core State standards for reading/language arts and math. We also use the Next Generation Science Standards and Georgia Social Studies Standards. In order to ensure our teachers are  culturally proficient, Kilombo has created a Culturally Relevant curriculum supplement that allows us to teach all core content from a culturally relevant perspective. 

We use the standards in combination with our Culturally Relevant Supplement to create units that include projects, field trips, art, hands-on activities, and cross-content learning experiences to ensure our scholars are engaged in the content. We also use data to assess students growth in order to differentiate instruction to ensure our scholars are excelling regardless of circumstance.

Kilombo believes that standards are the floor and not the ceiling. Using standards allows for teachers to systematically teach age appropriate content throughout our scholars K-8 career. Learning happens in steps and using standards allows for us to fill holes for scholars who struggle and push scholars who have accelerated skill sets.