Kilombo Creative Collective

Kilombo’s performance ensemble showcases the rich traditions of West African dance and drumming, while also venturing into diverse performance art genres such as hip hop, jazz, and contemporary expressions. KCC graces stages across the expansive Atlanta metropolitan area and extends its performances to audiences beyond.

Reading Pays Off

Kilombo’s reading program offers a unique incentive by rewarding children for their reading efforts. Yes, you read that correctly – it pays children to read. Young scholars can earn “Reading Pays Off dollars” for each book completed or for every 20 pages read in chapter books. At the conclusion of each semester, they can then use these earned rewards for a shopping spree in our dedicated “Reading Pays Off Store.” As a result of this innovative approach, our students consistently maintain an impressive 80% proficiency on grade-level reading, with the typical reader at Kilombo ranking in the top 35% of readers nationwide.


The Kilombo Science Program is a dynamic and inquiry-based science curriculum that immerses students in a wealth of interactive activities and hands-on experiments. Our budding scientists also have the opportunity to embark on regular field trips, allowing them to witness science in action outside the classroom.

Computer Programming

We are deeply honored to introduce Computer Programming to this year’s curriculum. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Chinua Umoja, a distinguished computer scientist with a Ph.D. in bioinformatics, our students will attain proficiency in coding, just as they do in reading.


Capoeira, the Afro-Brazilian martial arts style, is capturing the hearts of our scholars! This captivating art form is skillfully introduced by the Atlanta-based Quilombolas De Luz, infusing our curriculum with its intricate rhythms, dance, and martial techniques. Capoeira not only enriches our students’ understanding of this cultural tradition but also fosters advanced gross motor skills through its song and movement..


Mindfulness is a thoughtfully crafted course aimed at guiding our scholars to cultivate a heightened awareness of their sensations and emotions in the present moment. It equips them with valuable skills to process these feelings and emotions in a constructive and healthy manner. This program not only empowers our students with essential life skills but also aligns perfectly with our mission to nurture the holistic development of every child.


Kilombo’s vibrant art program is led by a team of exceptionally talented and well-trained artists. Our halls are not only adorned with captivating creations by our dedicated art teacher but also showcase the remarkable artworks produced by our talented scholars, forming a tapestry of creativity that reflects the essence of our community.